Z Law

You probably found your way or were referred to our website after completing an unsatisfactory transaction with an unscrupulous business.  You feel ripped off, abused, treated unfairly and are probably in disbelief.  You may have come to this sight because you feel you are being harassed by a debt collector even though it is not your debt or it is a debt from years past and want to know if you have any legal rights against the business that took advantage of you or any defense against the debt collector.

If this sounds like you, Z Law may be able to help guide you and help you determine if there are any legal actions you can take to protect yourself against these businesses or debt collectors.

Z Law specializes in the area of CONSUMER PROTECTION.  Z Law will only undertake representation of individuals who have fallen victim to the following business abuses:

  • Vehicle Repossession
  • Auto Dealer Fraud
  • Debt Collection Harassment
  • Mortgage Broker or Lender Fraud
  • Predatory Lending
  • Title Company Overcharges

The firm concentrates on representing clients in these select fields of law to provide our clients personalized, dedicated and experienced representation.

The firm has experience in law, business and government that allow us to offer a comprehensive analysis and unique problem solving approach to your issues. We have represented consumers against state, regional, national and international businesses in individual actions and class actions.

Since 2006, attorneys currently working for Z Law have participated in cases that through trial or settlement returned over 50 MILLION DOLLARS to consumer clients!!!

Z Law attorneys have also been responsible for ridding its clients of well over 20 MILLION DOLLARS in debts and deficiencies caused by vehicle repossession and past due accounts!!!

We work one on one with our clients during all parts of their matter. We are time efficient but will always take the time to explain and answer client’s concerns to protect their interests and position their matter to achieve an optimum resolution.

If you have matters that would benefit from a lawyer’s review, analysis and potentially representation, contact Z Law for a complimentary consultation and evaluation of your matter.

For now, please review the contents of this website and learn more about Z Law and Cory L. Zajdel, Esq.