Spicer Settlement

On March 2, 2021, Judge Videtta A. Brown of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City entered an Order preliminarily approving a class action settlement in the case styled Tameka Beck, et al. v. Samuel Spicer, Case No. 24-C-19-004572 (Cir. Ct. Balt. City). As part of that Order, the Court required that individual notice be mailed to each class member that can be located and for this law firm to post certain documents relating to this settlement on this website. Below, please find links to view the settlement agreement, preliminary approval order, and notice to the class. If you have any additional questions or would like to speak with court appointed class counsel, please call us at the number or contact us form on this website.

  1. Settlement Agreement
  2. Preliminary Approval Order
  3. Notice to the Class