Another Day, Another Data Breach. And This Time it was Uber That Lost Your Personal Information.

Who are we kidding? We all love Uber. It has been a boon to both consumers looking for rides, and for people looking for a little extra cash on the side. But even still, sometimes great companies make big mistakes. And we, as members of the public, need to have confidence that the companies we use are acting with our best interests in mind. Unfortunately, it appears that Uber was the victim of a massive data breach that occurred in 2016: but, as alleged in a class action complaint filed by Z Law, Uber did not tell anyone about the breach until over a year later. That means that customer passwords, full names, addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license numbers, and possibly even personally identifying information were stolen — and Uber did not tell us for over a year: a year you could have spent protecting your identity. Unfortunately, Uber did not give you that chance.

If you registered an Uber account prior to November 2016, you may have a claim against Uber for monetary compensation. You can sign up with us and join the case in less than two minutes by clicking the button below.