Did You Know that DoorDash Pocketed Your Tip to the Delivery Driver?

When you leave a tip for your delivery driver, you expect that you’re actually leaving a tip for the delivery driver—and you expect that they’ll be paid that money. You probably don’t expect that you’re leaving a tip for the company the driver works for, or that that company will retain any portion of the tip. As we all know, sometimes expectation and reality don’t quite match up. 

Recently, the New York Times reported that DoorDash, an online food delivery service, has only been paying out some of the tip money that you meant to leave for your driver. In fact, in some cases, according to the article, not a single penny of the tip you left for your driver actually went to the driver, but instead went directly to DoorDash. 

This is infuriating. The whole reason consumers leave tips in the first place is to compensate the delivery drivers for their hard work. No rational-minded consumer would ever voluntarily pay an additional delivery fee to DoorDash. But that’s essentially the scheme that DoorDash had allegedly set up. If you had known that any portion of the tip would go to DoorDash, you might have paid the tip in cash—to ensure that the driver was properly compensated.  In a recently filed class action complaint, Z Law, LLC alleged that DoorDash was engaged in a scheme of “skimming off the top” before paying tips out to drivers. 

If you had a DoorDash account and left a tip using the DoorDash app, you can sign up and join our case to try and get back all of the tips you paid to DoorDash that DoorDash pocketed instead of paying to the delivery driver.  Signing up costs you nothing and takes less than 2-minutes.