Have You Ever Been Treated by “Doctor” Charles J. Akoda at Prince George’s County Hospital?

One of the most sacred and confidential relationships that you have is the one with your doctors. They know the most intimate details about your personal life and health. They treat you with medicine to improve your health. So it stands to reason that you should never be seen by a doctor who is not actually a doctor. In fact, the state of Maryland has very strict regulations regarding who is qualified to be a doctor. Charles J. Akoda was impersonating a doctor at a Prince George’s County Hospital for many years and treated potentially thousands of patients. Z Law has filed a class action suit against Prince George’s County Hospital and currently represents hundreds of women that were treated by and/or who had the babies delivered by “Doctor” Charles J. Akoda.

If you were seen and/or treated by Akoda, you may have a claim for significant monetary compensation. Please contact us to find out if you have a claim.