Have You Recently Purchased a New Construction Home?

Have you recently purchased a new construction home? If so, then you received several documents throughout the home buying process from your builder. The most important document you received (and signed) was your purchase agreement. Most purchase agreements are very long and contain lots of “legalese.” Maryland law requires homebuilders to include a number of very specific disclosures in their purchase agreements regarding a wide range of topics such as real estate taxes, zoning restrictions, deferred water and sewer charges, etc.

If your homebuilder did not provide you with all the required disclosures, then you may have a claim to recover a substantial amount of money.

Z Law has filed numerous class action lawsuits against various homebuilders in Maryland for failing to provide homebuyers with certain disclosures required under Maryland law.

If you purchased a new construction home in Maryland, please contact us so that we may provide you with a free case evaluation. If your builder failed to make these required disclosures, we can help you pursue a claim against your homebuilder.